Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I used to have a shirt that said "Make up your mind to be happy." I believe happiness is a choice that I sometimes forget to make. Here's what I know about what it means to me. (Try this yourself.)

When I ____, I feel truly alive... I am completely myself, and can allow myself to grow into who I want to be!

1) Travel.

2) Do yoga.

3) Spend time in nature.

4) Write.

5) Spend time with close friends.

6) Walk/ hike/ run.

7) Create beauty.

8) Work for the good of others.

9) Am part of a community.

10) Take care of my body, challenge my mind, nurture and express what is in my heart.

Therefore, I want to:

1) Take an extended trip and visit my friends all over the world.

2) Go on a yoga and/or meditation retreat.

3) Take a yoga teacher training course.

4) Explore career options.

5) Live in a new city/ country.

6) Write and publish more.

7) Get out in the wilderness.

8) Volunteer in another country.

9) Eat better all the time.

10) Run more and start racing again.

11) Cultivate friendships with people who have similar interests and goals.

12) Buy a new camera and take amazing pictures.

To make this happen, I need to:TAKE THE FIRST STEP!

I will live the life I've dreamed of, with joy and humility, every day.

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Marlene said...

Love your list. Quite similar to what mine would be, actually :)